Wednesday, June 2, 2010

First the music.

Today The Cardigans - My favorate game

I am pretty sure most people have heard this song, but I like the video and the song so this is today's song. Maybe if you are like me you want to dance around the living room to it while your dog stares at you with his goofy eyes. I wonder what he's thinking to himself?

So I am going to Greece. Yippee! I've decided to give the two ladies I will be staying with the snap bag/coaster combo plus a little tissue pack because these things are super easy to find space in my luggage for.

Tissue Pack:

steph 002

They match. YAY! These are super easy. The pattern was in one of the Quilts and more magazines but I am sure you could find it online.

I am also making a charm square quilt for my mother. I made my father a quilt last year that looks like this:


He loves Canada. So do I, but he's obsessed with canadian things so I made him this quilt, which is technically my first quilt that I've finished.

So my mom wanted mauve as a background color... seriously mauve... thanks mom. This is a super hard color to find in a batik so I found one. I don't like it but mom does so.... we will see how this turns out:

steph 008

steph 010

steph 001

This last one is going to be the outside border, to give it a little interest. I hope it turns out okay. More pictures will come the more I get done.

Back to cleaning and organizing the bedroom.
Happy Wednesday.

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