Sunday, May 30, 2010

Mini Quilt is Coming Along.

Happy Sunday!

First off let's do some music:

Okay this is kinda silly but appropriate because I might be going on vacation soon. So I probably won't be posting blog posts during that time but we will see.

First off here is a picture of what those little 30's printed pieces I had cut out last week are starting to become:
steph 002

I've got bear paw fever! I wonder if that is like cat scratch fever? It isn't finished yet and I'll update pics when I have finished.


I need to bring a gift for my hosts on vacation, something small but nice.

Note that my hosts are 82 year old ladies.

Here are the options. First I have two snap bags with matching coasters.

steph 006

steph 007

Or I could make some potholders/table covers out of this piece of UFO I found in my stash:

steph 003

steph 004

and the other could have these two placemats:

steph 005

Well there you have that. Let me know what you thinks, and I'll tell you what I've decided closer to when I leave.


Aunt Spicy said...

i vote for bear paws, they are so cute!

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