Monday, May 17, 2010

Ani Defranco and the Moda Mini

I love Ani Defranco, she is so inspiring. This song totally got me through high school. I was the chubby girl who was shy and liked to hide in the art room.

There are layers and facets to every person that you can't see on the surface and even the chubby girls have something special inside of them.

Anyways on to quilting. I was at a quilt show in Chatham, Ontario on the weekend that had lots to see. I bought a few cool things. A book of iron on quilt labels, a fat quarter the color of Tiffany blue. Yum! Also I bought a cute moda panel that I assume is from an older collection since it was fairly cheap and moda is usually expensive (atleast in Canada). Here's a picture of it.

Moda Mini Sampler

I love the traditional sampler style without me having to applique anything. Although I've recently been doing patchabilities monthly minis through a local quilt shop in Windsor, but I'll talk about those another day.

I saw so many amazing quilts at the quilt show and I got in for free since I was helping out the shop. Lot's of inspiration, of course I forgot my camera. I also over changed a guy $4 but my boss didn't care, she said everyone makes mistakes. Oops! I guess I'd better double check everything with the calculator.

Yesterday I went out for breakfast with friends at this great place here in Windsor, Ontario called Creperie Omer. It's on Ottawa Street, and it was lovely, although really loud inside. We went for a walk afterwards and I saw the most amazing umbrellas, but they are too expensive ($35). I try to live an interesting life full of color and oddities. Maybe I'll save up for one. Unless anyone has an umbrella pattern? My grandma uses those little plastic rain caps, they look like the things you stick over your hair when getting a perm or a hair dye done and she uses that instead of an umbrella. I'd be afraid it'd make my hair all static clingy. Bah!

Anyways have an awesome monday. Keep on Quilting!


affectioknit said...

I totally agree about people and think we should all try to see the good in we raise our son - we keep trying to stress that beauty is REALLY only skin deep and we hope that he will try to see the beauty in everyone...

Jen said...

Thanks for entering my giveaway and good luck!

Stephanie said...

Thank you for commenting and for following. You are my first follower. I guess that owes a blog post. YAY!

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