Friday, May 28, 2010

Sale Day at Quilt Shop

This isn't exactly a music video although it has music to it, but I think the westies are super cute. I love puppies.

Today and Tommorrow are sale days in the Windsor/Essex quilt stores and so I found some pretty nice buys for cheap.

First off:

berry fabric

I found this at a booth outside of one of the quilt stores for$3. I think it's 1 meter of eatch print but it could be more because I haven't measured it yet. The friend I was with got this purple flower print 4 meters for $3, so this could very well be 2 meters each.

Next up:


A stained glass quilted birds pattern for $1. I've always wanted to try doing stained glass quilting but haven't had the time and thought this wasa pretty little pattern.

flower fabric

I love anything with big flowers on it. I have no plans for it just yet but I am sure I can find something interesting to do with it. I bought this at half price for $9 a meter, and bought one meter.

Last and my favorate.

redwork 2

It's a redwork sheet that I found, and it'sso pretty. I don't know when it was made but I am sure it's fairly old, although in great condition. Sorry about the picture, it was windy out, and there isn't enough light in my house.

redwork 1

The hands in the center say two names and birthdates. One is from 1830 and the other is 1829. I am sure the spread isn't that old, but I know it's not new either. Any ideas on age?

So I spent the day helping at the quilt shop. I am going back tommorrow too.

I haven't said anything yet about this on the blog, because I wasn't sure if I wanted to say anything or not, but on February 25th 2010 I had RNY gastric bypass surgery and in the 3 months since surgery I have lost 70lbs. Yay for me. Anyways I took a new picture on my three month surgerversury. Here it is:

steph 017

I hope you all have a great Friday. TGIF!!!


Kelly said...

Hi Stephanie

Thanks for your comment on my blog. It's midday Saturday here so I have lunch in the oven. Good on you for losing all that weight, it can't have been easy - even with gastric bypass surgery I would imagine. You're right, that redwork sheet is lovely - I had never heard of redwork before so I had to google that one. I look forward to reading your blog.

Stephanie said...

Thank you.

emerson-j said...

hi there, im new to the blog world and happened apon ur blog thru kellys blog(above).
i love that redwork sheet the birds are really cool. i too had to google! i really want to learn to quilt but it looks really hard!

Stephanie said...

I think the easiest way to learn to quilt is to take a beginners course.

If one isn't available near you I suggest Better Homes and Garden's Complete Guide to Quilting.

There are lots of online resources as well, although for me it's easier to have a teacher then just read about it.