Sunday, May 23, 2010

Waste of Money

Good Sunday.

First of all Music.

This is a band from Korea called BoA. The song is called Duvet. I've loved this song since I was 16 and it still makes me feel good when going through something rough.

I am kind of annoyed today. I went grocery shopping and picked up the Summer 2010 edition of Easy Quilts by Fon's and Porter. What a waste of money. I bought it because it had a coupon in it for a "FREE 2009 Archive CD Coupon" which meant to me that it was Free and that I'd have to go to their website, fill out a form with my address so that they could send me junk mail but I'd get a years worth of free patterns. So I bought the magazine, and took out the "coupon" only to discover how wrong I was. "Free" actually means that I can go to their website and when I buy $75 worth of overpriced stuff they'll give me the cd free. That doesn't see very free to me.

Now okay so that's kinda crappy, you say, but definantly not worth all this whining about it. Atleast you got the magazine and all the patterns with it.

Well that's what I thought too until I started looking through the magazine. I've boughten it before and didn't like it, but surely there would be something nice in it. All the patterns are trying to sell you the specific fabric to go with them, and most of them won't work without it. So it's essentially a catalogue of the kits they sell on their website.

The patterns that you could use without the specific fabric are so super simple and basic that I could find those patterns for free online or figure them out by myself.

I went to the website and sent a letter to them:


I just bought the Summer 2010 easy quilts magazine at my local grocery store. What a waste of money. $7.99 cdn plus tax. First of all the "Free 2009 Archive CD Coupon" which enticed me to buy the magazine even though I don't like it and in the past have been disappointed with it. "Free" obviously means something different to you, because to me it means "will not cost me anything" but apparently to you it means "costs me $75" at your store which is overpriced anyways. So I bought the magazine that I don't like because you enticed me with something I can't use. Second the patterns in the magazine aren't anything new or fascinating. They are the same things that I can get online or figure out myself for free. Simple Summer Projects are boring and just showcase fabrics for different companies instead of having any creativity to them. I have other pattern magazines that use the same basic ideas as your patterns but atleast put some sort of new spin on the idea. It's obvious to me that the whole magazine is just about selling your overpriced store items. I do not like buying a magazine who's sole purpose is to be a giant advertisement. I think the only reason you make money or sell copies is because you have the Quilters Club of America as a backer, or possibly because you have Fons and Porter as "editors". They are obviously just in it for the money and don't really care about what goes into it.

I won't ever be enticed by you sneaking around the truth, and I won't buy another publication by Fons and Porter.

Have a nice day!
Stephanie Atchison

Hopefully someone reads it but I kinda doubt it.

Personally my favorate mags are:

Quilts and More by Better Homes and Gardens
This is a great magazine because it has all sorts of projects, not just quilts. I like their small projects because they are quick to do.

Quilters Home
I love this magazine because it isn't just quilting patterns, it's articles and reviews and all sorts of fun stuff too.

I also like the Austrailian quilt magazines but they have a bit too much hand embroidery for me and I just don't have time, but they have inspiring projects and dolls to make.

Enjoy your sunday.


VeeV said...


I hope at least....... your weather was good???


Wanda said...

I must agree about some of the Quilt Mags. I hate how expensive they have become with very little content, I bought one and was so dissapointed in the content. I should have kept my old ones much better and great ideas and patterns.
Thank for joining my blog and pleas comment when you visit, I love to know who stopped by and what they are doing. Have a great day. TTFN

Stephanie said...

Yes it was sunny out yesterday. It is today as well.

Thanks for commenting Wanda and VeeV