Sunday, May 16, 2010

Mindless Self Indulgence and Duckies. Quack!!!

Good Day to everyone out there in bloglandia, everyday should be started off with a little music. Personally I like a little bit of everything but today I am in the mood for some MSI. This vid was directed by Jhonen Vasquez. He is a comic book writer behind Johnny the Homicidal Maniac and the tv show Invader Zim.

Anyways I've been working on a mini quilt that I found the pattern too in an old magazine that a lady gave me while working at the quilt shop. I usually get paid in fabric and quilting supplies which suits me fine. Anyways here is a picture of the ducks so far.


Aren't they cute? I like to do mini quilts because they don't take too long and they are easy to quilt and store. I did one a while back that had little scottie dogs on it but it got misplaced somewhere near christmas at my mom's house. Lovely eh?

Enjoy the video and enjoy your sunday.

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