Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Nouvelle Vague and Snap Bags for work.

I love the sound of her voice. I could just dance around my living room to it. In fact I have, but I am not right now because I am writing this.

Sorry I didn't update yesterday. I was in Toronto at a doctors appointment but it's all good. Just a lot of driving. 4 hours there, and 6 hours back because we got stuck when a power line went down on the highway.

I spent a lot of time today filling out comment boxes on other blogs for giveaways. I have only one something once and that was in college. I won my books free for the first semester, but it wasn't much of a challenge because only 1 other person entered. That and there were 2 prizes. So wish me luck. If you wanna get in on that you can go to sewmamasew's blog at

Another great thing happened today, I got my first follower. Whoo Hoo! Hopefully the first of many.

Here is what I was working on for work. It's super simple but I don't have the pattern here, so when I go to work next I'll grab it and right it here.

Mini Snap Bags

Aren't they cute. They are super easy too and you use tape measures (the metal construction type) to make them super snappy.

Snappy is such a fun word.

Anyways get in on those giveaways while you can. Maybe next year (if I am not too busy with school) I'll add something. Here's hoping!


CosmopolitanCherry said...

They are really cute. I follow you as well, like you do on my page. Take care


Stephanie said...

Thank you. I love your blog.

M.L. @ The House of Whimsy said...

Hi there,
Thanks for visiting recently. I loooove these super cute snap bags. And also the Moda panel below. Even if it is older, I think the color combinations are beautiful.
Have a good day,

Stephanie said...

Thanks M.L.