Saturday, May 22, 2010

Bags that I will never make, but maybe you will?

I was just looking over some internet sites on how to make bags. I have never made one, I started making one but my teacher got bored of helping me and now it's half finished sitting in my closet.

I was hoping that I'd win a new bag in the sewmamasew giveaways but since I didn't it seems like a perfect opportunity to figure out how to make one myself. YAY!

Anyways here are some bags I definantly will not be making.

The Lean Cuisine Bag:

The Seat Belt Bag:

The Kool-Aid Purse:
I have seen these sold in a store near me, and I've seen people with them, so if you like them then good for you. It's not my style though.

The Map Purse:
I think this one is kind of neat, but I am still not going to make it because I'd be afraid it would rip too easily, plus I tend to overload my bags.

On another note if anyone has a great (super easy) purse/tote tutorial let me know please. I need something that caters to my stash being made up primarily of fat quarters and scraps of fabric.


This is my Moose. He's having a lazy saturday today. That look is the "Do I really have to get up" look.

Oh and my floor.... well I have to put down new flooring but it hasn't happened yet.

Newest Project:

1930s prints

Guess what it is? The tiny little blocks and pieces took forever to cut out. The pattern called for black, but I don't have any and didn't feel like shlepping my way out to the quilt shop to get some, so I am just using..... more white!

Oh and todays music du jour is something I found last night that I kinda thought was nice.

Hope you enjoy it. It's kinda funky. It's Morticia by Combustible Edison
It reminds me of 70's music.

Happy Saturday.


Pat said...

I find your blog most interesting, my dear friend. Moose reminds me of my little girl, Muffin. Love our pets, don't we? Thank you for sharing. Happy Quilting!

Stephanie said...

Thanks Pat. I do love my Moose. He's big but cuddly.